New Gundam Breaker releasing on June 22, coming to PC


Think of the mods

With a newly released trailer for the upcoming game, Bandai Namco has confirmed the western release date for New Gundam Breaker. It will be arriving on June 22, which is sooner than many may have expected. In a surprise addition, the company revealed that the game would also be coming to PC alongside the PlayStation 4 version.

You can check out the new trailer below.

The new trailer, while using the Japanese build, does provide a solid look into how the final product is shaping up. Environments that were previously announced in magazines, along with several new ones, are now seen in action, and it gives a taste of the customization suite for newcomers. New bosses were also shown off, which include a mobile armor from Iron-Blooded Orphans.

However, the PC version will easily be the best version to own at the end of the day if the port is well done. The reason why is because of the modding potential and the resulting chaos from it. Have a particular mobile suit you want that’s not in the base game? Just mod it in and you are off to the races. Why stop there though? Put in Gurren Lagann. Put in Goku. Put in Darth Vader. Put in Dante. The possibilities, and monstrosities, are endless as a result of the PC version.

As someone who greatly enjoyed Gundam Breaker 3, it’s great to see the series expand to a larger audience. To think that the idea of a Gundam game being localized was a dream a while ago, and now we’re getting them on multiple platforms. What a time to be a fan.