New Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC announced, but don't call it a Final Mix


Announced at the World of Tres orchestra concert in Japan

When Kingdom Hearts III arrived earlier this year in January, there was already a lot of uncertainty on the table. A lot of people didn’t even believe that it would hit its release target, much less provide any sort of DLC update anytime soon. Well that course has changed, as big bossman Tetsuya Nomura went on stage during the World of Tres concert in Tokyo today to announce Kingdom Hearts DLC.

It’s called “ReMIND,” keeping up with the weird nomenclature of the series (nothing will ever top 358/2), and it includes an episode with boss battles, and a secret episode with one boss. Evidently the Japanese edition will also be getting an English language option update, so if you imported you can freely swap between Japanese and English audio.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the series (and I imagine there’s a lot of you, understandably), Square Enix and Nomura generally re-release “Final Mix” editions of their original Kingdom Heartsgames sometime after launch. Basically they’re slightly reworked versions of the game that offer some sort of shocking endgame content that either opens a new story thread or ties multiple games together.

Earlier this year, Nomura noted that he did not necessarily want to go for a Final Mix strategy for Kingdom Hearts III. Instead, he plans to update the game for free over time (like the recent Critical [Extra Hard] difficulty settingand a newly announced keyblade form), and do one huge paid DLC in one go. That seems to be ReMIND.

Right now all of the announcements and details were kind of hastily done on-stage during a concert, but you can bet Nomura and crew will elaborate sometime before this DLC hits. With any luck, we’ll get it in 2030. My one big wishlist item for ReMIND? More Final Fantasyseries fights.

aibo_ac7 [Twitter via Siliconera]