New Monster Hunter: World schedule dates Devil May Cry and Mega Man quests


More crossover content on the way

Capcom have released a new quest schedule for their smash hit adventure title Monster Hunter: World. The lineup includes fun new crossover quests featuring gear based on their Mega Man and Devil May Cry franchises.

The Mega Man event, A Rush of Blood, begins today and can be undertaken by hunters of rank 13 and over. Completing the grinds will award your Palico with armour based on the Blue Bomber himself. It looks amusingly out of place and a lot of fun.

The second quest, Code: Red, doesn’t start until April 27, but will award all players who topple said challenge with Dante’s Alpha armour and a Charge Blade variant, akin to the stylish hero’s trademark sword.

Finally, an eight-star challenge against the perilous Nergigante also goes live today. You can download full details and rewards on all the above challenges and more right here. Incidentally, for those of you still enjoying the game’s current Spring Blossom event, you still have about a week to take part in the festivities, before it draws to a close April 19.

Monster Hunter: World is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. A PC edition is coming later this year.