New Morgana Report looks at Persona 5 Royal's mysterious new character, Jose


Flower Power

Meow! Morgana has been really hitting the scoops hard in recent months, and it’s already time for yet another Morgana’s Report video, filling us in on all the latest news pertaining to Atlus’ upcoming Persona 5 Royal release.

The fourth report seems mostly concerned with a strange new character, making their debut in the expanded re-release. Jose is a flower-studying young boy who can be found wandering the eternal dungeon that is Mementos. With a strange “shell” haircut, and patrolling the underground in a sweet dune buggy, this newcomer is shrouded in mystery. However, if you collect flowers and “stamp pads” for him while on your adventures, then Jose with aid your battles with powerful accessories and even XP boosters. You’ll need them for some all new “darker” levels in Momentos, where the most dangerous beasties lie in wait.

As always, Morgana ends the report answering viewer questions. This time around we learn of the existence of a new palace, which the gang will visit during Persona 5 Royal’s third semester. We also learn that the restrictions on the PS4’s “Share” option will be relaxed slightly, allowing for screenshots of scenes and trophies to be captured up until December on the in-game calendar.

Persona 5 Royal launches on PS4 in Japan October 31, before heading west in 2020.

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