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New Mushroom 11 trailer and details out now

Rocket ship, catapult, release window

I have been pretty keen on Mushroom 11 since I first saw it at PAX East 2014. Since then, just about everybody on staff who has played it has come away with positive thoughts. Hamza called it one of his favorite games at PAX East, Jordan called it the next great puzzle platformer, and Brett said it’s shaping up brilliantly. If we sound like ultra PR hype men about it, it’s only because it has truly impressed us.

Developer Untame released the new gameplay trailer above, and along with it a note about progress. The independent team hopes to have the title content complete within a month and is shooting for release in late September. Hopefully the usual fall blockbusters don’t take up too mush room in the public eye; this is not one to let slip under the radar.

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