New Psyvariar Delta trailer blasts off with customisation options and guest stars


Mix ‘n’ Match to create your own private (bullet) hell

City Connection have released a new trailer for the upcoming Psyvariar Delta, showing off the customisation modes and features that will be available in the bullet hell blaster.

Among the features coming to the-release of the classic arcade shmup is the ability to customise the game’s engine to include, or remove, elements of Psyvariar’s various iterations and updates. This allows you to switch out the player ship, attack patterns, difficulties and even soundtracks of the various Psyariar titles that have dropped since 2000.

Other options and modes include being able to receive battle data in the screen’s border, the ability to overlay sprites with their hitboxes and a variety of dimensional screen adjustments, for those of you hardcore enough to have a vertical monitor setup for such games.

The trailer ends with a peek at Blanche, the player ship from Jaleco’s 1993 classic Cybattler. Blanche is to be made available as a cool crossover character sometime after Psyvariar Delta’s release.

Psyvariar Delta launches in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch August 30, and is expected to land in the West sometime soon after.