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New Ys IX details confirm Adol will return

He’s old, too!

The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed that Ys IX: Monstrum Nox will feature series protagonist Adol Christin after all. In addition to being another chapter in his ridiculously action-packed life, Monstrum Nox will have Adol at his oldest age yet. Will this be the retirement of our beloved silent hero?

As for the setting this time, it seems the story will be taking place after Ys Seven instead of VIII. I guess I’ve lost track of the chronological order of these games because I had assumed VIII was the latest in Adol’s life. Monstrum Nox will be expanding upon VIII’s “Drifting Village” system, though, as well as bringing back party battles.

The game’s subtitle also refers to the entire concept of this new entry. Monstrum Nox roughly translates to Monsters’ Night, and this will allow Adol to use supernatural powers such as shadow moves and wall-running. The hooded women from last week’s screenshot dump is also a major component of the story at hand, likely being a part of the monstrum.

As for development on the title, Falcom is stating it is around 50% complete. If progress is that far along, Ys IX should be releasing sometime around the summer of 2019. No other platforms were mentioned, so this is still a PS4 exclusive at this point. Here’s hoping we can get it on Switch and PC, just without NISA’s involvement.

Ys IX features Adol at his oldest age yet [Gematsu]

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