Newest Apple TV may be a gaming-centric device


Anything would be an upgrade

As a general rule, I prefer my Amazon Fire TV above every other device, but the Roku has a large lead when it comes to support for pure media channels. As a result, I sort of use them in tandem, gaming on my Fire TV and watching a larger array of shows on the Roku. It’s not ideal and goes against the “one device” era we live in, but it works.

It seems as if Apple is going to take one step further into its attempted dominance of the set-top device market, as the next iteration of Apple TV may be a gaming-centric box, according to the New York Times. Literally anything would be an upgrade from Apple’s current unit, which is woefully behind its competition.

Apple has already stepped up its gaming presence with massive support for the App Store, featuring games prominently on its front page, as well as support for MFi controllers. This move would make perfect sense, though it would likely focus more on microtransaction-heavy money-makers than its competitors. Amazon on the other hand has done a fantastic job of wooing and acquiring studios, creating some decent originals.

It’s a brave new world out there.

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