Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition gets twitch-inducing new mode


‘Survivor’ feature kinda identical to main game

I know a lot about Night Trap, more than I really should. Closer to the launch of the upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition, I’ll tell you all about it. In the meantime a new trailer hit for the controversial FMV game’s re-release, showcasing an additional new mode.

‘Survivor’ which has nothing to do with the ’70s prog-rock band of the same name, sees the Martin household overrun with Augers (the game’s vampiric beasts) which must be captured as quickly as possible, their numbers endlessly increasing until the player can take no more of that guitar-riff.

Anyone who has completed Night Trap will tell you that this method is actually how you finish the main game; frantically switching cameras on a continuous loop, firing off the traps, rinse and repeat. Essentially, Survivor mode is Night Trap with the woeful drama scenes removed, but they’re the best part!

Regardless, I’m happy to see that Screaming Villains are at least tweaking the title for its release, rather than just throwing out a lazy port of the DOS version. Curse my nostalgia, but I will be picking this up when it drops on PS4 and Xbox One later this year.