Ninjala coming to Switch to chew bubblegum and kick ass


And they have PLENTY of bubblegum

Developer Gung Ho Online have released a trailer for a brand new game, coming next year to Nintendo Switch. Ninjala mixes Player vs Player fighting action with acrobatic parkour elements.

From the new trailer, which you can check out below, we can see that the game will see cutesy streetwise characters engage in a running battle throughout a colourful city, with an aesthetic clearly designed to bag the Splatoon/ARMS crowd. The fighters are armed with Dr. Marvin Monroe’s therapy bats, and a supply of bubblegum, which they can utilise to fire projectiles, boost attacks and more.

The fight will rage in the streets, on the walls and even on rooftops as players scrap it out to be declared the master of Ninjala. Currently in development, Ninjala is scheduled for launch in Spring 2019.Ninjala coming next year to Nintendo Switch [Official Site]