Nintendo adds 'featured' section to Switch eShop


It’s a start?

Every week for the past five years or so I’ve written up the Nintendo Download column, so I tend to notice certain trends. It’s no secret though that the Switch is piling on release after release, sometimes to the point where Nintendo is hosting no less than 20 games per week, all shoved into that woeful Switch eShop interface.

The bare-bones nature of the UI and the lack of catchy music are two major complaints for the beloved system, and Nintendo is kinda sorta addressing the former with a new eShop update. In short, after booting up your Switch and heading to the eShop, you’ll notice a new “featured” tab that highlights big games and upcoming titles. Previously that info was split between “recent releases” and “coming soon,” both of which are still a part of the eShop.

Basically it’s just another list to sift through beyond the two aforementioned options and the charts.