Nintendo adds surprise new Super Easy Quest version of Zelda NES to Switch Online suite, more tweaked classics on the way


This is the height of luxury!

Nintendo made good on their promise to add more games to the Switch Online’s NES app, asNES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon’s Key, and Super Dodge Ballgraced the system this week. But wait, there’s more!

The Big N also added a surprise entry into the mix: The Legend of Zelda: Living the Life of Luxury. It’s a sort of ROM hack of the original Zelda, described as a “souped-up version” where you start with a “ton of Rupees (in-game currency) and items like the Power Bracelet, Magical Shield, White Sword, and Blue Ring. There’s also a “more difficult” Second Quest awaiting you if you complete it. Here’s the kicker: Nintendo says that “more special sava data (modifications) for other NES titles will become available in the future, offering fun new entry points into fan-favorite games.”

Why didn’t Nintendo tell us they were planning first-party official ROM hacks exclusively for Switch Online months ago?!There are so many people who would have subscribed just for them if we had known.