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Nintendo finally spills the official beans on the Silver Mario amiibo

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[Update:I am being told by a source at GameStop that Silver Mario will not be available for pre-order, and should be in-store on May 29 for purchase. “No replenishment” is the expectation being communicated to stores nationwide.]

After months of waiting, finding them out in the wild, and seeing them pop up in various retail systems, Nintendo has confirmed that theSilver Mario amiibo is real, and it’s coming on May 29 for $12.99.

It will not be exclusive to any one store, and is expect to arrive at all “major retailers.” The rarity of the figure is completely unknown — I just hope it’s not as hard to find as the gold variant.

It also won’t differ from the three existing Mario variants (Smash, Mario Party, and Gold)in any real way, outside of the expected small unlock of a silver base in Mario Party 10, much like the Gold figure.

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