Nintendo is poised for a huge year for the Switch, with 'record software and hardware' sales


‘Nintendo’s ability to fulfill demand for the Switch will be challenged’

Right now the Switch is riding high. Just four years into its lifecycle,

Nintendo is touting roughly 80 million units sold, between the Switch and the Switch Lite. That’s good! As in, it’s approaching the top-five all-time best-selling console list good. All it needs to do is beat out 102 million PlayStation One units, and it’ll have cracked the list and even overtaken the Wii, which is currently in sixth place. It’s ready to crack the top 10 right now basically, as soon as it surpasses the PSP’s suggested 82 million units. But what about the future?

Bloomberg reports that Nintendo is going to make a huge push this year and try for record-setting numbers in terms of software and hardware. Allegedly, there are plans to unveil more blowout software titles this year, which we could see as early as this summer.

Bloomberg also notes that part of the reason the Switch continues to sell is due to the lack of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S hardware. Yet, Nintendo also faces the same bottleneck as Sony and Microsoft via manufacturer woes and shortages.

They are still pushing those reports of a Switch Pro, which would further propel Nintendo into 100 million sales territory “in the latter half of the year,” if that plan comes to fruition. With “stronger blockbuster” software and a new alleged OLED/4K Switch model, Nintendo could easily hit their targets.

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