Nintendo just added a few more My Nintendo Network missions


For Platinum Points

My Nintendo, the replacement for Club Nintendo, kicked off a little over a month ago, and you guys are kind of mixed on it. But for those of you who do actively use it, it’s worth checking in today and grabbing a few extra Platinum Points.

As of this morning, you can grab 30 Points for ticking the promotional email box live, and 10 Points for ticking the box to “receive monthly.” In the past, a lot of Club Nintendo offers (like the Smash Bros.soundtrack one) were only sent out if you had this option set on your account, so for Nintendo fans it’s probably worth doing.

How many Platinum Points do you all have? Minus my redemption for Zelda Picross, I wracked up around 2100 — though I have zero gold as there isn’t much to buy these days off the eShop.