Nintendo Pro: Sonic Mania


Shes back, with a hat! That definitely sounded better in my head

Sonic and crew are back as well, perfectly curated into a 16-bit throwback for the Switch! Sonic Mania is one among many nostalgia kicks for the ever so glorious new platform, which is totally rad… but I don’t know, can you not help but feel a little taken advantage of?

They are taking our most cherished memories and cashing in! I would yell about it but I’m sure most of you have already concluded this. So the question is, do you care?

BEFORE I let you click play, there is something you need to know… I hate Sonic. I used to think it was the poor man’s Mario because it was the only thing to play when my snot-nosed little self was forced to visit my weird cousins that lived farther from civilization than I even did. I firmly believe that gave me video game PTSD and I swore off the stupid Hedgehog at all costs.

So if I sound and look like I like this game? It’s acting. I took a class, but then I failed so we just put the hat on me. I hope it worked.


P.S. We’ve been reading comments and feedback and couldn’t feel more welcomed, so thank you guys so much for being so kickass and so engaging. I’m so happy I’m not scared to read the comments here!