Nintendo restocks coveted Club Nintendo 3DS case


With a Zelda, Mario, or Animal Crossing theme

Back in 2012, Nintendo released a pretty sweet looking 3DS game card case on Club Nintendo, and it sold out in days. Fast forward to 2014, and there’s actually a newcase in town, and this time it heavily featuresZeldaart, as well as Mario and Animal Crossingdesigns (check them out in the gallery below).

To be clear, it comes with three pieces of artwork and the cover is interchangeable — you don’t have to choose between them (outside of Zeldavs. Animal Crossingas your main theme). If you want it, it’s 400 Coins, and it holds up to 18 game cards.These usually sell out pretty quickly, so grab it if you’ve been itching for one for a while!

The Legend of Zelda – Nintendo 3DS Game Card Case [Club Nintendo – Thanks Zyzxx Infinity!]