Nintendo updates its projections, seeks to sell 20 million Switch units by March 2019


The end of their next fiscal year

Nintendo had a pretty good year. They went from the miry haze of apathy with the Wii U, an endearing blunder, to the explosive excitement of the Switch. What was once a time of uncertainty is now a proving ground, as anyone and everything now wants a piece of the Switch. In just under a year they managed to beat out the Wii U’s lifetime sales, an impressive feat.

Now, the company is gearing up to take down 2018. Just this week at the end of their fiscal year they’ve announced their intentions to push 20 million units by the end of March 2019. They’re almost at 20 million worldwide right now, so that’s basically double what they’ve already done, putting them at approximately 40 million sold by March 2019.

At 40 million, Nintendo would be cracking the top 14 all-time best-selling console list, coming in above the Nintendo 64’s 32.94 million and below the SNES’ 49.10 million.

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