Nintendo's Indie World broadcast is a deep dive into a bunch of Switch indies we already knew about


It also confirms Cadence of Hyrule for June

If you haven’t seen Nintendo’s Indie World segment yet, give it a whirl if you have a spare 17 minutes. It’s entirely in Japanese, but the text is in English (so you won’t have to hunt down the name of a game if you like the footage), and the announcers are wholesome and enigmatic.

Basically you’ll get a rapid-fire rundown of a bunch of indie games that are Switch-bound, from classics like To the Moonto recently revealed projects such as Cadence of Hyrule. Speaking of which, the latter has been officially confirmed for a June release, which is the first time Nintendo has given us a hard window.

Again if you dig indies, watch the entire thing: you’ll get some new footage for a bunch of great looking games.