Nintendo's Satoru Iwata's approval up 3%, still low, Miyamoto's down 6%


Fun with numbers

Along with airing weird grievances, Nintendo’s recent shareholders meetingallowed shareholders a chance to vote for or against everyone on the board. Satoru Iwata’s 2014 approval rating of 80.64% is an increase compared to last year’s 77.26%, according to Ministry of Finance data found by Neogaf’s Aquamarine. The previous three years, in order: 90.60%, 92.89%, 96.74%.

Shigeru Miyamoto’s approval rating has dipped from 92.74% to 86.81%. The rest of the board’s approval ratings went down slightly as well.

This voting happens in all public Japanese corporations. While Iwata’s bump is a good sign of renewed faith, his 80.64% approval rating is low compared to other CEOs in the industry.

Kazuo Hirai, CEO of Sony Corporation: 89%Yousuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix: 93.51%Shukuo Ishikawa, CEO of Bandai Namco: 95.8%Kagesama Kozuki, CEO and Founder of Konami: 91.89%Kenzo Tsujimoto, CEO and Founder of Capcom: 97.28%Koichi Kitazumi, CEO of Nippon Ichi Software: 99.6%

[Via NeoGAF]