Nintendo's updated release schedule shows the 3DS still has fight left in it


Switch is looking good too

Nintendo says a lot of things, and their cardinal rule seems to be “deny, deny, deny.” When the Wii U was rumored to be on the way out, they denied it, only to confirm it weeks later. Folks thought the 3DS would meet the same fate given that the Switch is portable, and that very well may beonce it sells a lot more than a couple of million units, but for now it’s alive and well.

As part of their financial earnings report they released an updated schedule for 3DS and Switch games, and it looks pretty good. There’s a lot of the usual suspects on there, but it’s easy to forget about upcoming 3DS titles like Ever Oasis, Devilish Brain Training, andMiitopia. There’s also likely more Mii Plaza games in the works.

For the time being the little portable that almost wasn’t is fine. I still remember its gigantic launch failure and Ambassador comeback — what a weird time!

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