No Man's Sky charts a new course across Xbox Game Pass in June


Michael Collins finally gets his chance to moonwalk

It’s uncharted territory for No Man’s Skynext month. But, that’s what Hello Games’ reviled-then-revered space exploration game is all about: Taking the uncharted and charting it.

In June, No Man’s Skywill join the Xbox Game Pass lineup. It’s the first time No Man’s Skywill be available as part of a subscription service, whether the Game Pass “Netflix for Games” type or the PS Plus “free games every month” model. It’s also one of the biggest games on Xbox Game Pass in two senses: No Man’s Skyhas functionally-infinite worlds, and there are few non-first-party titles on Game Pass with more name recognition.

No Man’s Skyis approaching its fourth anniversary, a memory most everyone would do well to forget. It had the rockiest of launches, and that somehow still feels like an understatement. However, that’s not the relationship Xbox players have had with No Man’s Sky. The Xbox port released in 2018 alongside the “Next” update. By most accounts, that’s when No Man’s Skygot good, and it has only gotten better since then. Come next month, the solar system is gonna open up for 10 million new space cadets.

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