No one's talking about Square's new Chrono Trigger inspired PS4/Vita RPG


It looks alright!

I guess a few years ago “new Chrono Trigger-styled RPG from Square” might’ve carried a bit more weight. Hell, a few years prior still and “new RPG from Square” would’ve carried a lot more weight. Maybe it’s that the former “Project Setsuna” is now known by Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna and that doesn’t quite roll off English tongues.

But look at that 2D character art! And even the 3D shines in places, like with the snow scape above. And they’re even calling it “Active Time Battle 2” based on Chrono Trigger with seamless transitions into battle. And you guys liked Bravely Default, right? It can happen. A good new PS4/Vita JRPG from Square Enix.

Here’s the rundown on those two cool-looking characters via Famitsu as translated by Doki Doki Kusoge.

  • Kuon: A traveler who visited the town long before Setsuna was chosen as a sacrifice. Is trusted by the people of the town. She’s like an older sister to Setsuna, and feels strongly about going along with the MC on this journey.
  • Yomi: A swordsman who once accompanied a previous sacrifice to her place of fate, and succeeded in that mission long before Setsuna was ever chosen. He gives advice to the MC from a place of experience. He likes taking care of others, and accompanies Setsuna on her journey.