Nominees for Destructoid's Best Vita Game of 2015


Slip into something more portable

Oh, hey there reader, you’ve just caught me at that time of year where I and the other Destructoid editorial staff are beginning the long and often vicious process of putting together our Game of the Year awards. First come the long lists, then the short lists, then the rounds of voting before a winner is finally revealed.

Every year at Destructoid we review countless video games for every console and platform under the sun, giving them scores that reflect the opinion of a single writer on staff and moving on. As the year draws to a close, we put aside all critical discussion and begin to follow our guts. We all played a bunch of video games, this is the bit where we try and pick which we liked most as a site.

Here are some of the Vita games we loved the most in 2015. Now comes the part of the year where the Destructoid staff force all of these games to quietly fight to the death until we pick out a winner.

Best Vita Game of 2015

[Incomplete products like Steam Early Access titles, and episodic titles that are not fair to assess as stand alone experiences, without a full episode count, were not eligible for this year’s awards.The cutoff for entry into Destructoid’s 2015’s Game of the Year awards is December 4, 2015.]