Norman Reedus says Silent Hills still 'needs to happen'



If you’re still salty over the cancellation of Silent Hills, you are not alone.

Norman Reedus – who’s likeness was used in the (terrifying) Silent Hills interactive teaser P.T. — is still “super bummed” about the whole thing, but recently told IGN he “[has] faith” that he, producer Hideo Kojima and horror legend Guillermodel Toro “can do something else”.

“Theinternet buzz about [Silent Hills]happening was so huge. I’ve never seen anything like it; petitions with a hundred thousand people that signed it, petitions to please make it happen, that’s crazy. That’s a crazy fanbase for not just that video game but also those people making that video game, and for me to jump on that truck with them, I was like, ‘Holy balls. It has to happen. You need to do this.’”

“We did some of that photography with a thousand cameras pointing at you in a million different directions,” he said, when asked just how far the project had gone before it was pulled. “We did some things with them that might be–I don’t know if it’s on the cutting room floor. It might be in someone’s hard drive somewhere. We did some stuff for it, but we never got into the full story stuff. We were about to and that water balloon burst.”

“Hopefully, they’ll come to some sort of agreement and that happens, or we do something very similar that’s different. I don’t know. I have faith that we’re going to do something though because it just seems like it was one of those things that needs to happen. It’s like destiny, it needs to happen.”

“There were so many ideas and cool future happenings that were thrown around. I just can’t see us not picking this up somewhere.”

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