Now that Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 is over, which runs should we watch?


Speedrun marathon brought in $1.5 million for charity

Awesome Games Done Quick ended this weekend, and what a show it was! The week-long live-streaming gaming marathon raised more than $1.5 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

We covered several breakouts from the event, including: TASbot shenanigans, a wild Super Mario Bros. 3 glitch, I Wanna Be The Boshy, Kaizo Mario World, and some incredible Tetris skills.

I’m still catching up — there’s so much footage to comb through even if you’re only looking at recommended speedruns! — but my favorite so far is Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels.

What were your highlights? Take a look at the full list and let us know.

Some of you already shared runs in an earlier comments section because you’re rad.

BattleBlock Theater co-op, as recommended by PSISomething

Shovel Knight, as recommended by SupahGamuh

Ninja Gaiden relay race, as recommended by Sotanaht

Mega Man Unlimited, as recommended by FullmetalJ