Now's your chance to get a bit of Banjo-Kazooie in Sea of Thieves


Nab the Bear & Bird Figurehead for 1,998 gold

In celebration of Banjo-Kazooie‘s 20th anniversary, Rare is selling a referential ship customization item in Sea of Thieves for (a very fitting) 1,998 gold. The Bird & Bear Figurehead is available throughout July, and you’ll find it for sale at the Shipwright Shop on the outpost docks. I just had to get one.

It’d be incredible if we could play some B&K-inspired shanties, wouldn’t you say?

Today’s update also brings a few more items of note:

  • Rock the Boat– Upon impact, cannonballs now apply a rocking effect to ships.
  • PC Exit to Desktop– Players on PC now have the ability to exit to desktop from the front end.
  • Shop Clutter– Player Titles no longer remain in the shop when purchased, reducing the amount of clutter in the clothing shops.

Rare has cleaned up some standing issues as well:

  • Multiple Megalodons will no longer spawn in the same zone.
  • Megalodon encounter music will no longer be heard on the Ferry.
  • ‘Crew Management’ and the ‘Allow Friends to Join’ text is now localised to all languages.
  • There is no longer an invisible rock in Thieves’ Haven.
  • ‘Skeleton Exploder’ Title now shows the correct icon in the Vanity Chest.
  • There is no longer a wall on Plunder Valley that players can clip through to see outside the map.
  • VFX for lighting a gunpowder barrel now correctly appear connected to the fuse.
  • Players will no longer be teleported back to their ship when they shoot themselves from the cannon on the north side of Devil’s Ridge.
  • Header and footer UI in shops is now consistent with the rest of the UI menus.
  • The ‘More’ button on all radials now properly updates when key bindings are changed and will no longer remain the same button.
  • Resource barrels on ships will not longer periodically restock if they are below the default level.

Multiple giant sharks? That first bullet point sounds wild.

Patch Notes 1.1.5 [Sea of Thieves]