Octopath Traveler will not be getting DLC because 'the product is finished'


One of few

I’m kind of happy going into Octopath Traveler blind. Square Enix has been experimenting with old school JRPGs lately and I’m loving it, even if they’re still trying to wrestle down that old Chrono Trigger formula — and not quite getting there.

Octopath is another crack at that retro magic, and based on a statement from producer Masashi Takahashi, I’m a little more hopeful. Put plainly to Japanese outlet Dengeki Online, Takahashi explained that there won’t be any DLC: “the product version is the finished product.” Simple!

Several other projects like SetsunaandLost Sphear have brought some of Square Enix’s spark back by way of Tokyo RPG Factory — this timeSquare Enix and Acquire are handling it themselves.

Octopath Traveler [Dengeki Online via Japanese Nintendo]