Oh hey, we might be getting our first look at a boss from the Final Fantasy VII Remake


The Air Buster

Eagle-eyed fans managed to locate a picture on the recruitment site for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and could have uncovered a little extra snippet of information.

And snippets is all we’re getting, it seems, as Square Enix has been pretty mum on anything regarding VII‘s remake since they announced it, keen to slip directive changes behind the scenes in the form of job listings (it’s there where we learned that the project was shifted to a more internal focus rather than third party studios).

Anyway, a listing for dev lead Naoki Hamaguchi showcases a clear picture of a remade version of the Air Buster boss that the team fights in the Sector 5 Reactor following the more iconic Guard Scorpion. It’s a tiny tidbit, but another glimpse at the art direction that the remake is going for.

Definitely more formidable than the giant vacuum cleaner motif!

Job Recruitment [Square Enix via Siliconera]