Old Man's Journey is more attractive than 99% of young men's video games


Come to Papa

It wasn’t long ago that Sup Holmesfeatured Felix Bohatsch from Broken Rules discussing his work on And Yet It Moves, some fun video games about birds, and the upcoming title Old Man’s Journey. Strangely enough, Sup Holmes is coming to an end today at 2:30pm EST (with final guest Hamza ‘CTZ’ Aziz) in part because I have become and old man, just as Felix and his team have started their campaign to promote a game about becoming an old man. It’s a regular fun-filled Oldman-a-palooza on Destructoid today, huh kids?

I’m glad we managed to get an episode in with Felix to talk about the game before the show came to a close, because Old Man’s Journey is a beautiful game that deserves recognition. It was recently announced to be one of the PAX 10, so if you’re attending the event, you’ll be able to check it out there. While old men aren’t exactly the most marketable protagonists in games today, the same once said of naked crying babies, and yet the TheBinding of Isaac went on to move millions of copies anywayso who knows?