Old-school FPS Hellbound releases a free demo to promote Kickstarter campaign


Circle Strafe

2018 is looking to become the year of the retro FPS revival, as there is now another competitor in the ring. Hellbound is an old-school styled shooter in the vein of id Software’s classics that is looking to recapture the glory of the ’90s. The game recently appeared on Kickstarter and has already achieved 25% of its $40,000 goal. If this sounds interesting to you, why not try out the free demo that was just made available?

Not content to just let their words and videos do the talking, you can now try out Hellbound on Steam in a free horde-style survival mode. You’ll get a feel for most of the arsenal as well as get to see the visual style that developer Saibot Studios is going for. I have to admit, the graphics do remind me of the push for higher fidelity that ’90s shooters were so keen to promote, so this could be a retro trip worth taking.

If you’re not sure you want to try this, why not give the video a watch? It certainly looks like Serious Sam, which is definitely a compliment.

Hellbound: A ‘90s First Person Shooter, made 20 years later [Kickstarter]