Fourth-wall breaking puzzler OneShot coming to consoles in 2022


Lose Yourself

For those who like their fantasy escapades a little on the adorable side, publisher Dangen Entertainment has announced that Future Cat’s cute ‘n’ quirky puzzle adventure game OneShot is bringing its retro-styled adventure to console platforms, and will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2022, just in time for the game’s fifth anniversary.

Originally released on PC back in 2016, OneShot is the tale of a youngster named Niko, who is charged with returning light to a beautiful fantasy world that has been plunged into ever-present darkness. While OneShot‘s pixelated, top-down gameplay will be very familiar to hardened adventure game fans, OneShot has an intriguing meta mechanic that sees the title seemingly aware of the player’s presence, with the story and its characters reaching out beyond the game window.

The console port will feature the retro-styled visuals and haunting soundtrack of the original release, but also promises some new features, which we will be hearing more about at a later date. While it remains something of a cult, under-the-radar release today, hopefully this console port will introduce new fans to Niko and their world-changing adventure. Fans of small-but-smart adventures such as Undertale would do well to keep an eye out for OneShot’s arrival.

OneShot launches on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2022. It is available right now on PC via Steam.