Orisa will arrive in Overwatch on March 21 on all platforms


She needed a little extra time in the hopper

After stating that Orisa needed a little more time in the OverwatchPTR to test out, she now has a date — March 21. She’ll hit all platforms at the same time, so you won’t need to wait longer on PS4 or Xbox One. That level of parity is pretty crazy for a cross-platform shooter, as some games (read: Awesomenauts) don’t get PC content until weeks, or even months later.

The below video is a lot of retreading on what has already been discussed these past few weeks — but at just over three minutes it’s definitely more truncated and easier to watch than some of the longer development vlogs. Having played Orisa quite a bit in PTR I’m happy enough with her and I think she’ll mix up the meta when she arrives (maybe not on the top-end quite as much), but I doubt I’ll pick her that often in her current state.