Orwell's Animal Farm launches December 10 on PC and mobile


You might make the wrong decisions, then where would we be?

The Indie Collective has announced a release date for the video game adaptation of George Orwell’s seminal novel Animal Farm. The strategy-based adventure title will launch on PC via Steam, as well as iOS and Android platforms, on December 10.

Developed by Nerial, Orwell’s Animal Farm will put players in charge of managing the resources and defense of the notorious Manor Farm, where a menagerie of barnyard animals have overthrown their human owners in an effort to make a better world for themselves. However, under the rule of pompous pig Napoleon, the other species soon come to learn that while some animals are equal, some are more equal than others.

Publisher The Dairymen has released a new teaser trailer, recounting the infamous moment when Napoleon explains to his fellow animals how it would be better for everyone if Napoleon makes all the choices befitting the governing of the farm’s affairs, to save them from making “the wrong decisions”.

Build and expand the Republic of Animals, strengthen your defenses against human resistance, battle against the violent elements of the four seasons, and grow your land and populace. Manage the politics of your growing community as you see fit, en route to one of multiple endings and “destinies” for Manor Farm and its inhabitants.

It’s a strange but intriguing and inventive choice of source material for a video game. It will be interesting to see how the characters, world and politics of this fundamental tale – now over 75 years old and still worryingly relevant – translate to an interactive gaming experience.

Orwell’s Animal Farm launch December 10 on PC (via Steam) and iOS and Android platforms.