Our E3 2019 photo gallery is full of superheroes, dragons, and smugglers frozen in carbonite


Where the PlayStation booth once stood now stands a lounge

There are a lot of things not to like about E3. The crowds, the smells, the prices of food and water, the cramped spaces, finding yourself in a cramped space with a crowd of people and having to smell the amalgamated scents of their overpriced food and drink. But one thing that never gets old is seeing the lengths publishers will go with booth designs.

E3 2019 features some spectacular looking booths. From Nintendo’s haunted hotel set-up for Luigi’s Mansion 3— the best of which I can’t show you due to a ban on cameras in the demo area — to Capcom’s massive statue of Velkhana from Monster Hunter: World Iceborne, there are plenty of photo-ops for attendees in both halls of the show. Click the gallery below to see some of our favorites, and check back as we’ll be adding more images throughout the show.

E3 2019