Our first glimpse at Star Wars Battlefront II isn't far far away


First trailer coming April 15

Electronic Arts has made it very clear to investors that Star Wars Battlefrontis a big part of its plans for the near future. Of course it is. The recent annualization of Star Warsmovies means it’s currently one of the most lucrative entertainment properties in existence. Everyone will strike while the iron’s hot.

The first time out, Star Wars Battlefrontwas a tremendous success to the tune of 14 million shipped copies. That’s even more than EA thought it’d do. The follow-up is set for later this year and it’s sure to have similarly lofty expectations.

While Star Wars Battlefront IIis certainly launching during the holiday season, EA is hitting the marketing campaign in the coming weeks. A “save the date” post on the Battlefrontsite pegs the first trailer for April 15 at 11:30am Pacific. That’s smack dab in the middle of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando during a dedicated Battlefront IIpanel.

The road to Battlefront IIsurely winds through Star Wars Day, E3, gamescom, etc. — all the big video game conventions plus a series-specific day. We’ll see a lot more Battlefront in the coming months. But, it all begins three weekends from now. It’s a new hope for anyone who found the first game lacking; for EA, a second opportunity for galactic profits is more the empire striking back.

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