Overcooked 2 adds New Game+ mode on Switch and teases beach DLC


The DLC launches tomorrow

It’s now October and along with censored-for-TV horror movie marathons and copious Halloween bake-offs, it’s time for that promised Overcooked 2 update. The console versions have added New Game+ mode. If you’re up for the challenge, there’s a new fourth star to earn on every last level.

I appreciate that you don’t actually have to reset your save file and begin again; you can just continue where you left off, picking and choosing the levels you want to replay. As an example, level 1-1 requires a score of 20 points for one star, 60 for two, 240 for three, and a whopping 1,000 points for four stars.

The update is free and live right now on Nintendo Switch. Upon booting up the game (note: I had to manually initiate the update from my home screen), I also found more info about the first real DLC.

…🍍 pic.twitter.com/kR5UA9IPAt

— Overcooked 🍽 (@Overcookedgame) September 26, 2018

We knew the DLC would be beach-themed based on this teaser, and while it hasn’t appeared in the eShop yet, here’s how the in-game listing describes Surf ‘n’ Turf ahead of the official October 3 launch:

“Get your sunglasses on, gather your chefs, and fire up the barbecue… IT’S TIME TO GO TO THE BEACH! You’ll be having a whale of a time, cooking up kebab skewers and smoothies as the ever so exotic parrot chef, the spicy skillful island chef, and a returning hero chef from Overcooked.”

Chasing high scores for stars stresses me out, but I am super down for smoothies.