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Overwatch might appear in Heroes of the Storm, but only after its launch

I’d be up for it

Overwatch, the newest IP from Blizzard, looks like their biggest gamble yet. It’s not banking on an established franchise like Hearthstonedid withWarcraft, and the cast is composed of completely original characters. That’s probably why they’re not eager to bring them into Heroes of the Stormjust yet.

According to community manager Trikslyr over at the Blizzard forums, “there will be no addition of an Overwatch hero [in Heroes of the Storm] until the game officially releases. At that point, it can become a possibility.”

It makes perfect sense. If Overwatchcomes out and is a smash hit, you can probably expect more cross-promotion — one of Blizzard’s favorite things. As for myself, I’m hoping for more classic Blizzard characters in Heroes, like ones fromBlackthorne or Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing.

Overwatch in HOTS? [Battle.net]

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