Overwatch player allegedly stalked by someone who spectates their games and says 'holy whiskers you go sisters'


‘I just want it to end’

Over on the Overwatch reddit, a user innocently asked for help regarding an issue they had with a troll. They allege that even though they blocked someone they “played one game with in quick play,” they’ve been pestered in spectator mode, and cheered on with the phrase “holy whiskers you go sisters.”

The entire post reads: “I played one game with a stranger in quick play and now he keeps finding me and spectating my games and whenever I do anything he types ‘holy whiskers you go sisters’ and it’s really irritating. I tried blocking him but he still finds me and comments on my games and I just want it to end.” As expected: responses vary from actual suggestions like “change up your chat settings,” to accusations that it’s fake.

The original post was deleted by Reddit mods, but you can find a backup here with the name removed. If it’s legitimate, hopefully Blizzard can step in and fix the situation for them.

How can I stop someone from spectating me in every game? [Reddit] Thanks Trevor!