Overwatch's Baptiste gets his chance to shine with a new official short story


‘What You Left Behind’

Baptiste arrived in Overwatch in March after a long testing period, and Blizzard is doing right by him with a short origin story (that you can read here), which teases a potential new skin for the character. The talejoins a long line of animated shorts, origin stories, and comics, which help fill out the narrative of Overwatchoutside of the confines of the game itself.

As an aside, I want to see something universally exciting happen toOverwatch in the next six months. My vote? Activision should pull their weight to get Sony to relent on cross-play again (just like they did for the upcoming Modern Warfare) for Overwatch. Just allow a toggle for PC (mouse/keyboard) and console players just like other games are handling it and bam, you’re good. A Switch port would sweeten the deal.

Having one giant community all play together would be pretty huge for the game, but in all likelihood Blizzard will continue to rely on occasional updates andThe Overwatch League for the foreseeable future.

Baptiste’s past finally catches up to him… with explosive results.

Read WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND, a new Overwatch short story.

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— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) June 17, 2019