Overwatch's new Venetian map Rialto is live now on all platforms


The site of the Venice Incident

Blizzard just added a new map into Overwatch — and it’s live for all platforms. It’s called Rialto, and is based on Venice, Italy, featuring its waterways and architecture. Rialto is currently not playable in competitive — just regular modes at the moment.

Like just about everything Overwatch related there’s a lore explanation for the map. It focuses around Talon member Antonio Giordani, who was basically a mob member and arms dealer that antagonized the Overwatch organization. Reyes, known now as Reaper, murdered him instead of taking him in by the book, because that’s just how Reaper rolls.

So don’t expect Bartalotti to make it into Overwatch anytime soon — unless he’s secretly a cyborg now or something.