Owlboy will be hitting consoles, including the Switch, next year


The Switch train rolls on

We loved Owlboy back in November of 2016. But since then it’s only been available on PC — in a Switch-less world, no less!

That’s about to change though, as D-Pad Studio has announced that their creation will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch on February 13, 2018. Blitworks will be handling the port transition, and to celebrate, Owlboy is now 40% on Steam for 24 hours, which comes with support for 10 new languages. A physical version is also in the works by way of Soedesco (tentative boxart in the gallery below).

For years I was accustomed to writing the words “PC, PS4, Xbox One” on nearly every release, but it warms my heart to see “Switch” popping up so often these days.As an old school platformer at heart, this is a perfect match for the system.