Pac-Man Geo is another inventive take on the classic coin-op


All the world’s a stage…

Despite – or perhaps because of – its simplistic design, Namco has always found new ways to reinvent video gaming’s golden hero, Pac-Man. With Pac-Mania, Pac-Land, DX Championship Edition, Pac-Man 256 and many other spin-offs, our favourite ghost-gobbler keeps on returning to the forefront of gaming in intriguing new ways.

Case in point: Pac-Man Geo, newly announced by Bandai Namco and heading to mobile platforms in the very near future. In Pac-Man Geo, Pac-Man and his ghostly pals will escape the confines of their neon mazes and break out into the real world, as the streets of world famous locations become new and unique stages for classic coin-op action.

Pac-Man Geo will use information from Google Maps to turn the city streets into new mazes, dotting the avenues and alleyways with pellets and power pellets before allowing the player to enjoy a typical game of Pac-Man set within New York, Tokyo, Paris, or perhaps even their own neighbourhood. Some early screenshots in the gallery below offer an impression of how this new and inventive take on Pac-Man will work.

Pac-Man Geo is expected to launch sometime this fall on iOS and Android devices.

Pac-Man Geo announced for iOS and Android [Gematsu]