Paradox Interactive to bring their catalogue of IPs to the board game genre



When it was announced at PDXcon that Paradox would be bringing their games to a new platform, my fears initially turned to a glut of mobile gacha games with cutesy versions of old-world rulers that I’d have to pay to get a good roll of. How excited was I when it was announced that Paradox would finally be bringing their beloved IPs to the tabletop realm? I think it’s safe to say that I was pretty stoked.

Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, Cities: Skylines, and Europa Universalis will all be getting the board game treatment over the next few years with the first one getting pushed to be Crusader Kings. As with a lot of newer board games, Crusader Kings will find its start on Kickstarter (where the campaign has already opened.) The board game will be designed by the industry veterans at Free League Publishing, developers of award-winning tabletop games Mutant Year Zero and Tales from the Loop RPG.

The developers have promised to bring the experience of the video game s to the table, with players leading one of seven powerful dynasties from history in a conquest of religion, land, and love. While working with something physical, like a board game, limits the amount of freedom you can have in a game like Crusader Kings, the ability to play with friends and family members is something I’ve been searching out for years.

Now the part everyone always fears, the price. Base game for consumers will be 599 Swedish Krona, which roughly translates to 69 American Dollars, 58 Euros, and 51 British pounds. A more advanced version that includes extra game tokens – and an honorable mention in the game’s rulebook – will run you a bit more. For fans who have poured hours and hours into the series, the price may be worth it.

While the other three series were only teased, there was a mention of one of the games being similar to Ticket to Ride, which is one of my favorite games on the market currently. When you combine that with some of these beloved franchises, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m beginning to sweat thinking about all the money I’m going to be spending on these games.