PAX Prime '15 group picture, vaping cosplay, & drunk quesadillas


Fun times, probably, if I could remember

Are we already two weeks removed from PAX Prime 2015? It depends if you respect the tacked on Monday and also remember we’re in Year 3 or so of Luigi and, man, does it even have weeks? Time, it moves at a constant rate throughout our entire lives, who would’ve thought? These are all questions I’ve written on-line.

But two weeks (?) ago at PAX, I was offline, partly because our accommodation’s wi-fi was stolen from the Vietnamese restaurant next door and the Internet wasn’t so reliable, but also because I was at PAX, with many of you. This is the group picture we took there. It lacks the dingy lighting and boozy subjects of the oodles and oodles of selfies taken over the course of the weekend (Hamza stole a lot of fake candles at some point), as well as some of those subjects who missed the photo shoot time (like Flint “Ben” Mech running the jewels below).

I assume this is because the early bird mass (that those of us above all went to prior to the photo) was full so they had to wait for the normal showing and, thus, missed the picture like goodly godly folk.

There’s also some more pictures that missed the first PAX floor gallery and Crackity “Addison” Jones took all the pictures of vaping cosplayers (vape provided by Skate “Skate” Allday101, who bought a vape in Seattle). Also we held reptiles and I have a cute picture of cold Brett wrapped in a blanket on the balcony and man I don’t remember any of this. Time to reunite with Niero at Tokyo Game Show.