PAX Prime 2015 show floor gallery (not literally)


Hardly any carpets (or sexy cosplay)

We’re in Seattle chillin’ out, maxin’, PAX’ing all cool. Remember that if you, too, are in Seattle, you should come hang out with Destructoid staff and community members. We even managed to stake out an entire sports table last night dedicated to laughing at Florida sports teams (and, you know, other people were playing Street Fighter 3rd Strike, and stuff).

Anyways! We’re running around doing work, but I wanted to take some pictures for yous guys. And not just the one of a Bullet Bill’s butthole. I didn’t take any pictures at last night’s meet up because I was drinking and didn’t have this fancy borrowed camera I clearly am an amateur at using, but there’s a bunch on the web.

The Gungho logo (purple) looks like a g-spot vibrator.