PAX West passes just went on sale


Good luck

First, the good stuff: Here’s the link to buy PAX West passes this year. This post went up at the exact minute tickets went on sale. If you want to go, you’re gonna have to queue up quick. Or else you’ll find yourself paying twice as much to some shady-ass scalper.

Okay, now that you’re in the queue, let’s run down the details. PAX West is taking place in Seattle from August 31 through September 3 — over Labor Day weekend like always. PAX has done away with four-day passes in recent years, instead only offering single-day passes for reach individual day. Any one day costs $50, meaning that entry for all four days will run you a cool $200. (That’s a $2-per-day price hike over last year, but a cumulative $8 is chump change compared to what the rest of the trip is sure to cost you.)

Also, Penny Arcade is offering some pre-PAX merch alongside the ticket sales. There are PAX-branded blankets for $35 (which are limited to 1,200), socks for $25, and a dice stand and pair of die for $75 (which are limited to 1,000).

That’s all well and good, but getting a hold of passes should be priority numero uno. They go faster and faster every year so time really is of the essence here. Just trying to help you out so we can see your smiley sunny faces in Seattle.

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