Pay real money for fake boobs in Gal Gun: Double Peace


Only a BOOB would buy this

Great news everyone, now game publishers are holding the boobies hostage behind DLC paywalls, at least if you want anything other than average.

There is now DLC available in Japan forGal Gun: Double Peacethat allows you to make all the girls flat chested or heavily endowed, boob-wise. If that isn’t quite enough for you and you’ve got deep pockets you can buy the “Pheromone Z DLC” that allows you to zoom in and see through the high school aged girls clothes for the low, low price of 10,000 yen plus tax which is roughly $83 USD — a new high or new low for gaming, depending on your outlook.

Gal Gun: Double Peaceis an on-rails experience ala House of the Deadwhere you must shoot high school girls with a non-lethal gun that causes them to experience an ecstasy-like state after seemingly orgasming — ah Japan, you’ll never change…or will you? Gal Gun: Double Peaceis available now in Japan for PS4 and Vita and is expected to release worldwide.

「ぎゃる☆がん だぶるぴーす」DLC第2弾が配信。ディープな上級者向けアイテムも [4gamer via Siliconera]