Persona 4: Dancing All Night theme eases the wait for Persona 5 news


Listen to it here

Okay, no big Persona 5reveal yet.

I am still completely, sincerely excited for the Persona 4rhythm game and this amazing track, which we covered earlier today, is why. It’s also worth listening to Japanese Teddy for. Plus, 90’s boyband, bandana-clad Kanji. And my girl Chie finally making her dance debut. Give me this.

If Atlus is sticking to the script, much of the following hours will be rebroadcasts of yesterday’s content. Four hours from now (midnight PST) there will be a “Mystery” rebroadcast, so nothing there.

At 1AM PST comes the “Final Countdown,” then thePersona Stalker Club extra at 1:30AM, followed by the final “Mystery” at 4AM PST. I will not be awake, but someone will, maybe on the other half of the states where it’ll be a more reasonable hour to be awake during.

May we all wake up to the most glorious of Persona 5news (it’s a buddy cop game starring Chie and Mitsuru).