Persona 4: Dancing All Night's cast is dressed to impress in this new trailer


As expected, Nanako is freaking adorable

I know we’re all waiting patiently for Persona 4: Dancing All Night‘s US release date, but a new trailer is almost as exciting.This second official trailer offers a look at some choice dance moves from different members of the investigation team, all while showing off some of the costume options each character will have. Personally, butler Kanji is my favorite so far, but Nanako’s outfit sits in a very adorable second place.

Persona 4: Dancing All Nightkeeps the jazzy, upbeat themes from Persona 4: Goldenalive. Only this time, instead of fighting shadows with brute force, the team and their personas use the power of dance and song to defeat their enemies. Persona 4: Dancing All Nightreleases for the PS Vita June 25 in Japan and will launch in the Western countries sometime this year.